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Economie de l'environnement, économie des ressources naturelles, économie du développement.


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Bareille, F.; Wolfesberger, J.; Zavalloni, M.
Institutions and conservation: The case of protected areas
in : Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, (2023), vol. 118. 13 p.
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Morgan, S.; Pfaff, A.; Wolfersberger, J.
Environmental Policies Benefit Economic Development: Implications of Economic Geography
in : Annual Review of Resource Economics, (2022), vol. 14. pp 427-446.
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Nedoncelle, C.; Wolfersberger, J.
Temperatures, Firm Size and Exports in Developing Countries
Document de travail, (2022), 44 p.
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Dorinet, E.; Jouvet, P.A.; Wolfesberger, J.
Is the agricultural sector cursed too? Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
A paraître in : World Development

Amacher, G.; Delacote, P.; Dragicevic A.; Wolfesberger, J.
The dynamics of deforestation and reforestation in a developing economy
A paraître in : Environment and Development Economics



Barbier, E. B. ; Delacote, P. ; Wolfersberger, J.
The economic analysis of the forest transition: A review
in : Journal of Forest Economics, (2017), vol.27. pp. 10-17.
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Leblois, A. ; Damette, O. ; Wolfersberger, J.
What has driven deforestation in developing countries since the 2000s? Evidence from new remote-sensing data
in : World Development, (2017), vol. 92. pp. 82-102.
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